The dogs's back.

Saluki start the day in 30th place due to the time penalties incurred yesterday. The start was delayed due to the fog and instead of the scheduled start time of 8:27 Saluki is finally let loose at 11:27 into the heat of the day. They arrive at a remote PC1 flying through as the 21st vehicle, the engine running perfectly due to the quality lubrications supplied by Castrol.

At PC2, the service area, it's the Saluki on a dash where the service team have been waiting on them arriving. The Saluki flies through the PC point without even taking time out to congratulate the happy couple. Two members of the European support team, Tessa and Ard, got engaged this morning enroute to the service point. Atop a sand dune Ard proposed to Tessa who accepted his proposal of marriage. Then it was down to the serious business of getting to the service point. At least they got their priorities correct. The Team wish Tessa and Ard the very best for their future.

Back to the racing... The Saluki came storming through PC2 in 20th position and headed out on a mission on the long stretch to PC3. The team headed for the finish at PC4 to welcome the Saluki back in force to the challenge. At the finish, the Saluki came in 12th place with a time of 3H 23M 51S. An amazing drive and just goes to show how well the car is running.

What goes up...

Even in the extreme heat of the day due to the later start, the Saluki is running cooler than previously due to the excellent cooling system provided by Serck Services.

The day took it's toll on some of the other competitors inlcuding Ari Vatanen who visited the Saluki camp last night. Ari did not finish todays stage due to vehicle failure.

Ari has a look at how Saluki do things

At the end of the day, two happy occupants emerged from the Saluki, helped by Tim's dehydration problem not reoccuring.