Team Honda Europe on the mission!

The countdown towards Dakar 2011 runs and will include a severe test in Tunesia. The new rally kit with the revolutionary rear tank has absorbed its first miles. Different riders, including some mechanics in the team, have successfully tested the complete Dakar bike on MX tracks and even in a punishing enduro. Mirjam Pol did the off road rally after the enduro on Sunday. The whole team is enthousiatic about the new set up and will do the test in Tunisia in race conditions.

New Team sponsor

Team Honda Europe happily and proudly presents its new main sponsor: Land Cruiser Adventure Cars, Parts & Travel Equipment. Landcruiser Adventure based in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands, is a new company with a pedigree. Landcruiser Adventure is established as separate sales and service branch for Toyota Landcruiser drivers and enthousiasts. Its parent company is All American Imports with over 20 years specific Landcruiser experience. Landcruiser Adventure helps out when purchasing Landcruisers and all accessories and replacement parts. Travel, sport, preparation and restoration are its specialties.

Team Dakar 2011

Four times Dakar rider and winner of the Ladies category 2009 Mirjam Pol will have some "old mates" back in the team. Christopher Jarmuz from Polen will join the team for the third time and also Vadim Pritulyak from Kazachstan joins for his second time. Russian riders Alexey Naumov and Evgeny Medin are new in the team and also in the Dakar. The team is finishing the last details with a top rider, in the next news letter we will reveal the name and profile. To be continued! The support team in the two Toyota Landcruisers and the GINAF 6x6 truck is ready for Dakar 2011 in Argentina and Chile.

Honda Rally Kit 2011

Team Honda Europe will present this year with a totally new CRF450DakarX in Buenos Aires. Tests in Tunisia will push the kit to the limit and give valuable information. After this test the Dakarkit will be for sale for every rally or enduro rider. The new rear tank is replacing the rear frame. The air box is integrated in the fuel tank, the original filter mounting can be used again. A Super B battery and re- routing the wiring harness to the front end has a positive effect in the centre of gravity. The kit is available from 2.500,- onwards. (excl. Taxes)

Tunisia Test

The rough Tunisian landscape offers the riders to fine tune their bikes. The settings and specifications for each rider is a good start for the Dakar rally. Measuring temperatures with different Bel-Ray oils will give valuable information about engine and transmission life. The riders will start on the Dunlop Rally raid 908rr and work from there to their definitive choice.

Honda Desert Adventure

Riding yourself in the desert? Having a taste of the real Dakar sensation? Mirjam Pol will turn this dream into reality in Tunisia! Check out the next trip on

-source: honda