One of the extreme elements of this race, attracting competitors year after year, is the immensely testing conditions and the wide variety of racing terrain. One moment you are flat-out twisting the ear off the handlebars and the next moment you dare not get out of second gear or maybe even first gear, as you go through the most technical of mountain trials that one can imagine.

One of the key factors in the success of the race is the generous and keen support from the Lesotho Government over the years. No matter how dedicated and hard working the race organisers have always been, and they are devoted, thanks go to the Government of Lesotho, the Lesotho Defence Force and the Lesotho Police Services for their continued support and assistance in the running the event and to the people of Lesotho for the interest and at times, enthusiastic support for competitors. One of the most calming and pleasing sites has always been the support from the Defence Force Airwing when that helicopter flies over you, knowing the eye in the sky is watching over you. On numerous occasions the helicopter has transported injured competitors to medical facilities in Maseru and Bloemfontein.

Now in its 41st year, the Roof of Africa and the organisers deserve recognition for their superb perseverance over time. With great support from the German based event Promoter, Baboons GmbH, this race promises to be on the calendar for many more years.

One of the former German competitors in the Roof of Africa, Dirk von Zitzewitz, has become such a friend of South Africa that he navigates the Volkswagen Touareg of South Africa's Dakar hero Giniel de Villiers, whilst another former South African Off-Road champion, Ralph Pitchford co-drives for the American Mark Muller teammates to De Villers and Von Zitzewitz. Sponsorships and manufacturer support has also grown with time and this year a large contingent of European riders will be on the event competing on KTM machines, whilst BMW will send their own representation. From Southern Africa a large group of competitors on a wide variety of machines will be out there to prove their skill and raw talent in competing with the international riders.

GO Chain Wax Lube, an emulsion chain lubricant ideally suited to all motorcycle uses will also contribute to the 2008 Roof of Africa. The product lubricates better, stays on the chain longer, and keeps the chain cleaner. It is a wax-based, solvent-free, long-lasting dry lube for all motorcycle chains. Produced for GO under license by the world's leading wax manufacturer, it is blended under specially controlled conditions from a number of specially selected waxes. For the 2008 Roof of Africa, GO Chain Wax Lube will sponsor each foreign rider with a 500ml bottle of the lube, which will be sufficient for about 10 Roofs!

Yamaha will again be offering full race service support for all Yamaha riders so please tell anybody who might intend to come from Europe with a Yamaha that that side of things will be taken care of.

-credit: roa