LIAISON: 94,32 km

The winners of the sixth edition of the Rallye des Pharaons are Joan "Nani" Roma for the bikes, Yves Loubet for the cars and Teruhito Sugawara for the trucks. Today's leg was the last one, from Baharia Oasis to Cairo.

The cars ran only the first 36 km of the selective section, because of a lack of Avgas fuel and so the jury decided to end the race there. For the bikes it has been again a hard and difficult leg, 347 of selective section, the first part being slow and wise and the second faster, and in fact there have been some surprises!

Nani Roma started with the firm intention to fill up the handicap of 3'31" from Richard Sainct and, in winning the selective section in 3h39'16", he managed to precede the French of 5'03. The third place in today's leg went to Cyril Despres, at 11'39 from Roma and this is also his position in the general classification.

Today Fabrizio Meoni - who started really fast to lift up, with another victory, a race full of troubles - had to face a problem in the rupture of the fuel joint which filled his boots of fuel and caused him some burns. He lost half an hour to put in order his tank, thanks to the help of Jean Brucy, who dismantled from his bike his joint and this let Meoni start again. The Tuscan pilot arrived only tenth and lost two positions in the general classification, arriving sixth.

Fourth place both in the leg and in the final classification to the Polish Marek Dabrowski, who has been a revelation demonstrating to be able to compete with the official pilots.

Fifth place both in the leg and in the final classification to the Spanish Isidre Esteve, who preceded Fabrizio Meoni, the Chilean Carlo De Gavardo, the French Fran