Today's Stage

Certainly the trace with the breathtaking landscapes variety most impressive of all 2004 edition. You leave the bivouac placed at the cliff feet close to the old asphalt for Siwa next to the oasis; navigation gets particularly complicated for the presence of many traces going in all directions. While skirting the Baharia depression, CAP gradually sets to 180 and track is more visible, ground is dark, sandy and sometime dusty. You skirt huge mountains in a spectacular contrast of golden sand and tracks with blackish cobblestones. At WPT Assistance B0024 you cross the asphalt leading to Farafra. Landscape changes along the next 5 km and you enter some charming villages surrounded by various type of plantations.

You must take much care at the exit of CP1. Vegetation forms a labyrinth among challenging drains and waterways and there is only one hidden track to take right after the CP in order to exit the maze. Along the following kilometers the trace expands over well visible and fast old tracks, sometime cobbled, sometime sandy, but with many dangers, then you skirt on your left a long cliff with spectacular sand tongues.

At the WPT B060 you leave the track and descend over a huge sand flow scattered by huge white chalk spires - the end boundaries of the White Desert; view is amazing and ground is very smooth. Still 15 Km with sand, cobbles and stone fronts which raise amidst striking sand barcanes leaning over a glossy monolithic ground. From here on landscape becomes definitely sandy and smooth, eye catching plateau with a dunes chain within few meters on your right which points out the direction to keep up to Bir Karaouin Assistance CP2.

You definitely change CAP and for the next 80 km you cross big "whale back" dunes quite solid and fast. From here you enter a huge ouadi first wide then, while slowly climbing, it tightens up leading to ascend the cliff overlooking Abu Mingar plateau. Ground becomes again sandy and fast up to the bivouac where there is the first leg stop.

You start again for the 2