After the tragedy that has hit Egypt and the whole world, JVD International has conveyed its staff grief to the Egyptian authorities together with the resolution to carry on with the TOTAL Pharaons 2005 as planned.

Egyptian Government has promptly assured the increase of security measures in order to guarantee the regular running of this competition.

To give up, to change program or to show uncertainty is a behaviour which in our opinion, could expand the results of those criminal acts intended to unsettle our way of living.

The regular running of the TOTAL Pharaons 2005 would also forward a message of firmness and hope to the Egyptian people and to the whole world not only the sport world.

To join in this rally plays a role also in asserting the freedom and peace ideals, primary principles which are unfortunately not shared by those groups of extremists without culture nor ethics nor respect for human life who would today like to destroy our - so far achieved - civilization and progress. Whoever has had the privilege to enjoy the desert vastness with us, those enchanted dunes landscape, should be certain that theirs is a lost game.