Lights have just been shut off on 2009 edition of Pharaons Rally and the balance cannot be other than positive and enthusiastic.

A media coverage as no other events of this season can feature, a fulfillment level from pilots ever reached in previous editions; route, bivouacs, organization, medical assistance, event general management, we only had congratulations for all and promises by everyone to... meet again in 2010!

No doubts we'll meet again in 2010, even if the International Motorbikes Federation, F.I.M., has temporarily "suspended" our event while waiting to make clear over supposed rivalry between two Egyptian Sport Motorbike Boards, the Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt -- better known as ATCE -- and the Egyptian Motorcycle Federation -- namely EMF.

In reality this rivalry does not exist, these two Egyptian federations have well established their positions and roles with an official agreement on 2008 December in order to manage the motorbikes activities in Egypt. But F.I.M., for mysterious reasons, does not reckon enough clearing the documents sent by ATCE.

This is therefore a mere beaurocracy problem which should definitely not set any doubt on Pharaons 2010 organization by JVD International, Pharaons being now also inserted in the F.I.A. World Cup 2010.

We trust this matter will be solved by the concerned boards in the shortest time possible, also because this beaurocratic quibble is giving useless room to ambitions of a competitor organization which is already advertising on his website since a month a new Rally in Egypt next September 2010.

Given the JVD International long lasted relationship with the Egyptian Government and with the Egyptian Federation, we reckon highly improbable that such other event could take place in Egypt.

-credit: jvd intl