On the Road of the Tsars, an Imperial 2002 Master
1-11 August 2002

René Metge has not yet entirely completed the reconnaissance for this new course, but he is giving you the main features of the 5000 kms, (2600 of specials) defined for the 8th edition of the Master Rallye.

The departure town will be one of the temporary halts in this new adventure; St. Petersburg, cultural gem and symbol of the imperial history of Great Russia, will welcome the 2002 version of the Master Rallye for 3 days.

Administrative checks and scrutineering will be carried out in the Pavilion Complex, on the banks of the Neva, throughout the day of the 1st of August. A Gala evening in the heart of the town, and then it will be the 2nd of August, the day of the start of this 8th edition. A podium will be set up in front of the St. Isaac Palace from which all the competitors will set off for the 1st special of the Master 2002, as there will not be a prologue!

Until Tambov, you will find sandy trails, in forests, as well as very driveable laterite tracks. Descending towards Astrakhan you will go alongside the famous Volga and the Don, crossing hills and canyons, to arrive finally in the semi-desert steppes of the Taiga to find dunes and therefore sand! After Elista, and until the outskirts of the Black Sea, we will be at the foot of the famous Caucasus mountains. Lakes, steppe once again, saliferous terrains and hills to finish, before going alongside the imperial beaches of the Russian Riviera!

It is therefore a course with very varied terrain, sporty specials around legendary sites and the famous Metge dosage where driving and navigation are totally expressed under optimum safety conditions; making the Master Rallye one of the 'delightful' events of the FIA-FIM World Cup.

This edition will certainly be extremely 'popular' according to the information collected by the boss! Our 'Amateur' formula is proving to be a great success, the entry closing date being the 1st of July, the 40 motorcycles, 20 cars and 5 trucks already entered in the race should be joined by a good hundred teams, bewitched by the air of the steppes in this new Slavonic epic and this unique new look at the race which can only be offered by René Metge.