After First Place Win at Pikes Peak, Paul Dallenbach Heads for Another International Adventure

Aspen, Co. - Coming off a first place win at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, local race car driver Paul Dallenbach heads to Moscow where he will compete as a driver for Porsche in the Trans-Siberian Rally.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was conducted this past Saturday, where over 160 racers came to compete. With a time of 10:55, Paul Dallenbach came in first place in the Open Wheel Division, and second place over all competitors. Although Paul came in first in his division, he did have a problem near the end of the race. "The car was great; we just had a little motor problem up at the top. If it weren't for the miss-hap, I would guess that we would've come in at the mid-30's."

As the world's highest auto race and one of the most grueling events in all of motor racing, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb consists of 156 turns, 12.4 miles in length turning to gravel half way up, and 4,710 vertical feet. There is no other race course like this, and that is why it is named one of the toughest races in the world. Paul said "We've made great strides this year, the car was really fast. Next year, if we can put more money into the car to make it even better, we will have a great chance at the Overall Title."

Earlier this year Paul placed 15th at the 24 Hours of Daytona, and just recently, Paul returned from the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, located at the Goodwood Estate in England, is one of the worlds most prestigious and historic motorcar events. Paul competed in the hill climb competition, among 200+ competitors, in which Paul received first place in the Ultimate Rally Car Division and fourth in overall time. Judging from that win and other accomplishments, you could say Paul is having one of the best years of his career.

Paul's next race is the Trans-Siberian Rally, scheduled to start on Thursday August 2nd, where he will be competing among a field of 50 teams. Paul and his teammate, Jeff Zwart are both competitive racecar drivers. "We are both very excited, it is such an honor to be invited by Porsche," says Dallenbach, "On the other hand, we don't know the full format of the race or what our strengths might be, there is so much that is unknown. Both Jeff and I are pro-drivers, and neither of us has that much experience navigating, so we are just going to switch off every fuel stop. It is worrisome, and thrilling."

The Trans-Siberian Rally is a 3,852 mile race from Moscow to Mongolia, which will combine high-speed roads, as well as grueling off-road stretches. Through Russia, participants will need to cover, on most days, over 620 miles at high speeds. Through Mongolia, where roads are scarce, drivers will not only have to maintain enough momentum through the Gobi desert to cover between 120 and 280 miles per day, but will also have to drive through several special off-road exercises. "I am glad that we have such a great car to drive, but this is also bad because 25 other teams are driving the same car, it should be interesting." The race ends Friday August 17th in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

About Paul Dallenbach

Paul Dallenbach is the youngest member of the famous Dallenbach family, including Indy 500 racer Wally Dallenbach Sr. and TNT Announcer Wally Jr. Paul has been racing professionally for over 20 years, beginning his racing career at age 18. In his first year of professional racing, Paul finished 6th in points and was awarded Rookie of the Year in the VW Cup Series. Paul also lends his driving expertise to automotive companies for their advertising campaigns and commercials, most notably, Lexus "Gravity", BMW 335 Convertible, Audi "After Dark", and Pontiac. Paul has also appeared in the feature film, "The Watcher" as Keanu Reeves' double.

-credit: Real Time Marketing