Since 1995, Stephane Le Bail has been in the opening car for 40 cross country rallies, among the FIA World Cup, the Transoriental Rally (Saint Petersburg - Beijing in 2008) and the last two editions of the Dakar Argentina - Chile. The reconnaissance and road book creation of 21 of these races have been made by him. This year, Le Bail puts all his knowledge and experience in service of the Pharaons Rally for the first time, to promise that the 2010 edition will be even better.

This year the Pharaons Rally is back in the FIA World Cup as the last leg of the season, and JVD decided to call the French expert on road book creation, Stephane Le Bail, to assure everybody will stay on the right tracks, see the most beautiful landscapes in Pharaoh 's land and follow a faultless road book next October.

The reconnaissance of the route was carried out last May. "I was amazed by all the means JVD employs to carry out the reconnaissance, they way Daniele Cotto (JVD Director) knows the terrain like his backyard, and the hospitality of Egyptians is just sensational," said Le Bail.

For this 13th edition of the Pharaons Rally all stages have been renewed. The 2600 km will start from the Giza Pyramids, and they will be divided into six stages to finish on the North Coast of Egypt, at El Alamein.

The promise is huge, so we asked the expert about what competitors can expect from the race. "The Pharaons Rally is mythical; it offers the most beautiful dunes in Egypt, lots of sand, it 's difficult, it 's fast, it has lots of navigation and different landscapes to discover every day," explains Stephane Le Bail.

But not everything is about fun in his job. "The most important thing while doing a road book is to find the right balance between pleasure and safety. Every note on the road book must be accurate and all possible dangers must be indicated clearly to avoid accidents. A great part of the safety of the rally relies on the road book, so it is an enormous responsibility."

As the race is part of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, Le Bail is also in charge of the FIA opening car during the race: "We take the race track with the road book as any other competitor, without other instruments to help us, just like competitors on the race track. We follow the road book at a speed average close to private cars to test what is on the paper before competitors go through it, and if there is a danger to mark, we inform the organizer so all crews will be noticed. Safety stays as the most important value of our job," states Le Bail.

Beautiful stages will be unveiled by the competitors of the Pharaons Rally 2010. Sand, dunes beautiful landscapes and the well known hospitality of JVD will be at the appointment, so we asked the road book 's creator an advice to all riders and crews before the start: "When you are off road, please follow your bearing to avoid surprises on fast roads. See you in Egypt on October 4th, at the start of the Pharaons Rally!"

-source: pharaons press