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Mika Hakkinen
Tom Kristensen on a mountain bike
Podium: Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Laurent Aiello Manuel Reuter and Jamie Green
Heinz-Harald Frentzen Laurent Aiello
Laurent Aiello Pitstop for Manuel Reuter
Jamie Green Pitstop for Marcel Fassler
Podium: race winner Mattias Ekström celebrates
Marcel Fassler Pitstop for Tom Kristensen
Allan McNish Martin Tomczyk acts as a cameraman for Premiere TV
Emergency test Laurent Aiello and Jamie Green
Manuel Reuter Mattias Ekström
Pitstop for Mattias Ekström Marcel Fassler
Heinz-Harald Frentzen Frank Stippler
Mika Hakkinen Bernd Schneider
Heinz-Harald Frentzen celebrates podium finish Jean Alesi
Start: Gary Paffett leads the field
Podium: race winner Mattias Ekström with Tom Kristensen and Heinz-Harald Frentzen Tom Kristensen
Allan McNish Rinaldo Capello
Tom Kristensen Heinz-Harald Frentzen takes third place
Mika Hakkinen Bruno Spengler
Podium: champagne for Mattias Ekström Pierre Kaffer
Tom Kristensen Mattias Ekström
Christian Abt Start action