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The spectacular paddock area at Adria Peter Terting
Katsutomo Kaneishi
Alain Menu, Karl Wendlinger and Bernd Schneider Christian Abt and Abt-Audi technical director Albert Deuring
Arial view of Adria Marcel Fassler
Katsutomo Kaneishi Alain Menu
S line time: Audi Juniors Peter Terting and Martin Tomczyk took journalists for a ride on the Adria International Raceway with the new Audi A3 The spectacular paddock at Adria International Raceway
Mattias Ekström Katsutomo Kaneishi
Peter Dumbreck
The Abt-Audi TT-R Ski champion Kristian Ghedina with Jean Alesi
Peter Terting Alain Menu
Bernd Schneider, Laurent Aiello and Mattias Ekström
Karl Wendlinger
Patrick Huisman Stefan Mücke
Jeroen Bleekemolen Manuel Reuter
Laurent Aiello
Christijan Albers Katsutomo Kaneishi
Keke Rosberg
Joachim Winkelhock
Karl Wendlinger Jean Alesi, always popular in Italy
Katsutomo Kaneishi
Timo Scheider Jean Alesi
Christian Abt Christijan Albers
Manuel Reuter Laurent Aiello and Mattias Ekström
Stefan Mücke out early Peter Terting
Jeroen Bleekemolen
Laurent Aiello and Mattias Ekström Laurent Aiello
Mattias Ekström, Marcel Fassler and Bernd Schneider Bernd Mayländer
Bernd Mayländer Christijan Albers
Bernd Schneider
Jeroen Bleekemolen Peter Dumbreck