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Chronological sportscar photos :

Paul Lambert leads the field Pierre Kleinubing
Peter Cunningham Mike Fitzgerald leads a group of cars
Race action Paul Lambert
Peter Cunningham Albert Mirko
Gary Hutto Neil Vanni
Accident between Mike Fitzgerald and Alfred DuPont Accident between Mike Fitzgerald and Alfred DuPont
Mike Fitzgerald Paul Lambert
Nic Bode Paul Lambert
Paul Lambert Paul Bonaccorsi
Neil Vanni John Young
Randy Pobst Jeff Wade
David Farmer Alain Chebeir
Bob Miller Michael Galati
Henry Gilbert Phil McClure
Justin Marks John Young
Peter Cunningham Bob Miller
Boris Said Randy Pobst
Jeff McMillin Justin Marks
Phil McClure David Farmer
Tim Wiens Justin Marks
Johannes van Overbeek Walter Detheir
Henry Gilbert Eric Curran
Johannes van Overbeek Eric Curran
Paddock area Paddock area