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Women love it too Getting ready
Rear view Suzuki burnout Off the line
Last minute adjustments Getting ready
Staging Area
Pre-race concentration Pro Mod Suzuki burnout
Watching the lights Pro Mod Kawasaki burnout
Pro Mod Suzuki burnout Pro Mod burnout
Rob Muzzy Travis Davis Funny Bike
Kawasaki burnout Another Suzuki burnout
Suzuki burnout Ron Webb warming up
Spiderman's seat
Laryy McBride's record breaking motor McBride's team celebrating world record run
Waiting for the light Practice start
McBride's mental preparation Larry Spiderman
Good Launch Wheel up
Balanced takeoff Hammer Down
White on white Snake Eye Suzuki
Robert Giard Funny Bike Tom Perry Funny Bike
Major burnout Wendell Douthat Funny Bike
Lynn off the line ama-2001-atl-rs-0114
Keith Lynn Funny Bike
ama-2001-atl-rs-0113 ama-2001-atl-rs-0112