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Dino Morelli, Team Astromega Stock 2-Cycle 62-Olin Baldwin 23-Michael Gordon
Patrick Carpentier and Alex Tagliani pose with the Molson Indy Girls at the Molson Export Blow-Out-Bash at Milestones in Downtown Toronto bgn-2001-mil-tc-1738
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1728 bgn-2001-mil-tc-1709
bgn-2001-mil-tc-1724 Konrad Saleen GTS
grandam-2001-day-tm-0101 ama-2001-atl-rs-0114
Race action Clive Richards and Simon Pullan
Howard Redhouse Race action
The start Race action
Simon Pullan
Race action Clive Richards
Geoffrey Johnston Simon Pullan
The start at Eau Rouge
Howard Redhouse
Simon Pullan
Philip Derby Michael Johnston and Philip Derby
Nigel Taylor Simon Pullan
Howard Redhouse Clive Richards
Start race 2 Howard Redhouse on pole
Andy Lally in the Archangel Motorsport Services Nissan Lola leading the pack through the esses Junior-1 Heavy #86-James Fowlkes keeps an eye on traffic while race officials clean up the track for a restart
Junior Champ-#24-Trey Fisher Pro Stock World Champion Gene Wilson
Pro Modified driver Chip King Funny Car driver Terry McMillen
Paul Athey, the driver of Johnny Rocca's 'Ironhorse' '51 Pro Modified Controlled Heavy 1-Dee Paschal 35-Stevie Stephenson
Scott Sharp with wife, Kimberly
InterContinental A 100cc: Neke Burhenne (n_ 112), CRG-Maxter InterContinental A 100cc: Alessandro Begnozzi, CRG-Maxter