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Tony Eury Jr. watches testing action Alli Owens
Darryl O'Young Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick with Tony Eury Jr. Narain Karthikeyan
Amber Cope and Angela Cope Amber Cope and Angela Cope with their uncle Derrike Cope
James  Buescher and Ricky Carmichael Narain Karthikeyan
Milka Duno Leilani Munter
James Hylton Mikey Kile
Bobby Gerhart Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick
Dakoda Armstrong Tony Palumbo
Lance Fenton John Ferrier
Matt Lofton Hal Martin
Derek White Leilani Munter
Joey Coulter Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick Danica Patrick
Terry Jones Danica Patrick
Terry Jones James  Buescher
Sean Corr, Darryl O'Young Darryl O'Young
Brandon Thompson Kyle Martel
Milka Duno Jennifer  Cobb
Lance Fenton Alli Owens
Chad Hackenbracht Ricky Carmichael
Danica Patrick Dakoda Armstrong
Danica Patrick