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Alex Barron #36, Turn 11 (Detroit) Alex Barron enters the pits (Michigan)
Alex Barron (MS)
Starter's stand from Wally's Car So much to see...
Phil Schilke
Another Slow one!
A lot of track out there to cover Now how many people did I say could be up here?
Stn 7 in turn 4 Green, Green, Green!!
Now what order does Jim want these?
Stn 5 from Wally's car From Wally's car, closer
Now which car is getting loose? Waiting, waiting
Stn 6 intensity shows
Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!!! More racefans there on the wall
Now is that a bolt out there? How many wide can these cars go?
Stn3 Cheers for a good
Stn3 again Trying to see every thing every car does
Gerry Babcany
Joe's real job: to set up
Station 2 #3 Oh, Hi, Clawed!
Joe, Joe - Wake up!
S/F #4 Hi Tamara
Station 1A #1 So how is the #41?
Center Pit from Wally's Car Black Flag #3
Stn6a The Captain and the Communicator
Nancy Schilke
Jim Cook
This one gets the Black Board! Station 3a #1
Station 3a #2 Station 2 #1
Station 3a #9
Need to watch these cars
Stn 1 from Wally's car. See this direction well! Station 1A #5