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Alex Barron enters the pits (Michigan) Alex Barron #36, Turn 11 (Detroit)
Alex Barron (MS)
Phil Schilke
Now what order does Jim want these?
Joe's real job: to set up
Another Slow one!
Joe, Joe - Wake up!
Jim Cook
Hi Tamara Starter's stand from Wally's Car
Need to watch these cars
I though Hiro had retired New set of numbers coming up
Ah there it is in Joe's hand!
Now how many people did I say could be up here? Green, Green, Green!!
What is that Joe's hidding?
A lot of track out there to cover Stn6a
Waiting, waiting Come on, Move over
Stn 6 from Wally's car Station 2 #3
Yellow, Going Green So much to see...
Center Pit Takes a lot to see around this corner
Now is that a bolt out there? Stn 7 in turn 4
Gerry Babcany
Now which car is getting loose? Center Pit from Wally's Car
Pit in from stn7 The sign does not apply
Yellow, Yellow, Yellow!!! Still running close
Trying to see every thing every car does Well was that close?
Stn 6 intensity shows
These From Wally's car, closer
Stn 5 from Wally's car How many wide can these cars go?
Judi, Sue, keke at stn 5a Black Flag #3
Willy Perez