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Dave Sadowski
Racing Radio's Gary Coleman confers with Honda engineer
Kevin Schwantz amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0104
Cigars for everyone
Miguel Duhamel and Scott Russell Antony Gobert
Nicky's radio hookup
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0124 Aaron Yates into Turn 6
RR World's Beth Wyse
Doug Chandler amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0140
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0103 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0102
Hot shoes! Wheelie under bridge
Miguel gets hooked up
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0114 Way over!
David Brabham
Steve Rapp amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0126
Nicky Hayden
Doug Chandler amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0106
David Brabham Down through the Esses
Nicky Hayden Nicky Hayden
Lee Acree Mid pack
David Brabham
Scott Russell
Race fans
Tom Kipp Jim Doerfler leads Lee Acree under bridge
Entering pits It was a warm week of practice
Matt Mladin through 10A Tommy Hayden
Gobert before spill Adam Fergusson
Hayden amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0113
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0112 Reigning champion, Matt Mladin
amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0134 amasbk-2002-atl-sv-0123