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Ashley Force
Ashley Force
Hillary Will
Melanie Troxel
Pat Herold Julianne and Gary Scelzi
Bob Panella Jr. Erica Enders (left) and Richie Stevens Jr.
John Medlen and Jimmy Prock Dan Fletcher 50th NHRA National event title
Kim and Greg Anderson
Eric Medlen (cockpit) helps ready his Funny Car as his father and crew chief, John Medlen also dons a mask Brady Kalivoda (foreground) and Clay Millican
Craig Hankinson and Allen Johnson Pedregon Team
Kevin Lawrence Warren Johnson (left) and Greg Anderson
Bill Windham Doug Kalitta's crew works on the car between qualifying rounds
Austin Coil, John Force and Phil Burkart John Medlen crew chief works on son Eric Medlen's Funny Car
Karen Stoffer
Peggy Lleweln and Bob Frey
Robert Hight, in cockpit, gives physical therapist Robert  Ortmayer a quick primer on driving a Funny Car so that he has a better  understanding of how much more work will be needed to get John Force back in a  race car by mid-January
Dave Connolly
Doug Kalitta's crew works on the car between qualifying rounds Kevin Lawrence
Bob Vandergriff (left) and Brady Kalivoda Physical Therapist Robert Ortmayer makes a point during a  meeting at John Force Racing, Inc., with crew chiefs including Dean Antonelli,  left, and Bernie Fedderly along with Ford Racing boss Dan Davis, far  right
Tony Shumacher
Mike Neff Chip Ellis track record
Final four group shot: Peggy Llewellyn, Chip Ellis, Andrew Hines and Matt Smith Ben Watson
Eric Medlen
2007 Powerade Series Champions: Pro Stock champion Jeg Coughlin, Funny Car champion Tony Pedregon, Top Fuel champion Tony Shumacher, Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Matt Smith Bob Panella Jr.
TJ Zizzo and Bob Vandergriff Jr. Eric Medlen signs autographs at NHRA museum
Ed Krawiec Eric Medlen signs autographs at NHRA museum
Cruz Pedregon's pit area on Friday morning Ers Urbacher
Final four group shot: Brandon Bernstein, Tony Schumacher, Larry Dixon and Rod Fuller Bob Panella Jr.
Matt Scranton POW MIA
Ben Watson Matt Smith and Peggy Llewellyn