Mark McNally conducted his final test day of the year at Winton Raceway on Monday, setting him up for a solid result at the final round of the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series at Oran Park in December.

After changing cars for the Bathurst round, to chassis #50 which is owned by NRW's John Silverthorne, Mark will continue to use the 2005 Bathurst-winning Commodore for the remained of the season.

Without any really good tyre for the test day the BJR team set about compiling and matching the best tyres that remain to form some usable sets for the day.

"We established that the tyres we used for practice at Bathurst were a reasonable set, although not new, but good enough to use sparingly on the day," Mark said.

After setting a time of 1:25.3 early in the day the team was happy that they had a benchmark to work from for the day.

"We went about stiffening up the rear of the car.

"It is a path we have not really gone down before but we felt that we needed to see what it would produce."

After a number of 'tweaks' Mark was good for low 1:26's on old tyres which was encouraging given the changes made.

"We could pull off low 25's on good tyres but we just didn't have enough of them to run all day."

Mark completed about 130 laps, his biggest test day to date and was extremely happy with the changes to the car.

"In the happy hour, normally the last hour of the day when the ambient temperature drops but the track is still warm, we were able to pull off a 1:24.9 even though daylight savings reduces the benefit leading up to 5pm."

Mark is not far outside the top 10 of the series and is looking for a strong result at Oran Park to boost his position.

"We really need a good result heading into next year as we try to finalise our plans and put together a budget," Mark said.

"Our sponsors have been fantastic this year and we hope that we can continue those relationships into the future."