Mark McNally finally got to shakedown his car in practice at Phillip Island today for the final round of the 2007 Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series.

After major repairs to the car after Bathurst there was no time for the desired test day prior to this weekend to sort out any niggling issues that may come up after the repair.

With two practice sessions today it was important to make sure the car was right for qualifying tomorrow.

A fuel pressure problem hampered the speed of the car today as well as an overheating gearbox.

Despite the issues Mark was 21st and 17th respectively in the sessions, less than 2 seconds off fastest.

"The fuel pressure issue would have slowed us down a bit," Mark said.

"I am happy with the car considering the issues and just glad that we will have them sorted for tomorrow's qualifying.

"We have better tyres coming so we should see an improvement in times."

NRW boss, John Silverthorne, had the ride of his life this afternoon when he was a passenger in Mark's car for two laps of the fast island circuit.

Reaching speeds of up to 280 km/h down the straight gave Mr Silverthorne an inside view of what Mark sees every lap of the track.

Glenn McNally, competing in the V8 Utes this weekend, got his first drive of the circuit in the bulky 'truck' in preparation for this weekend's racing.

"It was just good to get out there and cut a few laps," Glenn said.

"The V8 Utes are much heavier and float around a lot more than the Formula Ford I am used to.

"It is no wonder that the guys are always rubbing in this category."

Both Mark and Glenn have qualifying and race 1 tomorrow with the remainder of their racing on Sunday.

-credit: today.