Joint Statement from CAMS, The Australian Saloon Car Company and the WA Saloon Car Association

Representatives from CAMS, The Australian Saloon Car Company (TASCCO), including representation from the majority of states, and the WA Saloon Car Association (WASCA) met at a forum in Melbourne today in an effort to shape the category's future and resolve a number of ongoing issues.

From the outset the parties committed to the principles of a viable and sustainable Saloon Car category into the future, with the underlying aim to increase participation and provide a category that is affordable to, and representative of, all Saloon Car competitors at both National and State level.

As a result, the parties agreed to the following:

Technical regulations

From 2010 onwards there will be one set of technical regulations applicable to all Saloon Car competition at National and State level. This in turn means that the EA/VN and AU/VT Series in Western Australia will transition back under the all- encompassing CAMS Group 3K Saloon Cars technical regulations for 2010.


Tyres will remain a control component in the technical regulations for the three year term of the contract that has been negotiated by TASCCO for the National Series, subject to the State representative bodies agreeing in writing. Should any changes be proposed during the three year term these will only be approved after consultation with and agreement by all States.


The sporting regulations for both State and National level competitions will specify that fuel must comply with the definition of Commercial Fuel as detailed in Schedule G of the CAMS Manual.

WASCA will conduct testing and investigate any opportunities which will permit control fuel/s to be specified while still allowing State and National level competitors the opportunity to compete in Western Australia without the need to change the specification of their cars.

Control Components

Notwithstanding the above, all remaining control components in the 2009 technical regulations will remain in the 2010 technical regulations.

Engine Sealing

TASCCO and WASCA will validate the Western Australian engine sealing process against the Saloon Car Regulations and facilitate the transition to the TASCCO arrangement.

Sporting regulations

As is currently the case, CAMS will continue to approve and publish the sporting regulations for the National Series in conjunction with TASCCO. The sporting regulations for each State Series will continue to be approved by each relevant CAMS State Sport and Club Development Council.

Competitor Representation

CAMS will facilitate a process which will provide a state based competitor representative group which will contribute to changes to, and the future direction of, the Saloon Car category. The detail on this process will be provided in due course.

Regulations Changes

That stability in rules and regulations is crucial, and a key factor is the objective to limit changes to regulations to one opportunity per year, except in the case of safety and urgent sporting issues, both of which will be managed by exception.


All of the TASCCO discounts/rebates are only applicable to TASCCO members. WASCA and TASCCO have commenced negotiations which will further encourage all Saloon Car competitors to become financial members of TASSCO.

As a result of the discussions Les Morrall, the CEO of TASCCO said:

"TASCCO is pleased with the outcomes of today's forum and we believe that they will set the foundation for a stronger category moving forward and provide a benchmark for other categories to follow."

Phill Johnson, President of WASCA said:

"We believe today's forum was resoundingly positive for all parties and will hopefully contribute to a successful and prosperous category in the future."

As a consequence of today's positive outcomes CAMS will reconvene Competition Management Agreement discussions with TASCCO for the Management of the National Series in accordance with the above outcomes.

-credit: cams