It's The Brocks v. The Johnsons in a 2002 "Family Feud" at The Grand Prix

Brock and Johnson -- they're the two biggest names in Australian touring car racing history.

While Peter Brock and Dick Johnson retired from serious competition in the late 1990s, the rivalry lives on ? and is coming back to the 2002 Foster's Australian Grand Prix on February 28 to March 3. And it's at the double.

In this "family feud", Brock and his son James - in Brocky's 1987 Holden Commodore - will be up against Ford legend Johnson and his son Steven, in Dick's 1989 Ford Sierra.

The two dynasties will compete in four-lap relay races on each of the four days of the event. The first two laps will pit Brock senior against Johnson senior, before the young guns grab the keys in a pit-lane changeover and charge off for the final two laps.

It will be déjà vu for Brocky and Dick.

"Johnson versus Brock ? we did it for years. When will it ever end?" said nine-time Bathurst winner and triple Australian touring car champion Brock. "Now even our kids are in the act!

"I guess Dick will be pleased to reacquaint himself with his beloved Sierra, after he took a few chequered flags in it.

"My 05 Commodore harks back to a year I won Bathurst (1987) when we outperformed Dick and his Sierra mates.

"I would expect more of the same at Albert Park, where I'm predicting history will repeat itself."

Johnson, a five-time Australian touring car champion and three-time Bathurst winner, relishes the challenge.

"I thought my days of racing Brock were finally over, but he's back again. Even worse, there's two of them!" Johnson said.

"I think the relay will be a little one-sided though. The Sierra will hose that old Holden of his.

"In terms of out-and-out excitement, the Sierra is by far the most exciting car I ever raced. It's got absolutely awesome power, tiny wheels and tyres, and even on a good day it was a handful."

The battle will be a variation of the enormously popular Brock v. Moffat demonstrations at the 2000 Grand Prix - and this time teamwork between fathers and sons will add an extra dimension to the competition.

"Dad and I have already done a couple of things together in motor sport," James Brock said. "This sounds like a lot of fun to me."

That's one thing the new generation drivers agree on.

"I think it will be a lot of fun too, and racing alongside Dad again will be terrific," Steven Johnson said.

"He's got me at a disadvantage though. He drove the Sierra for about five years and I've never driven it.

"Mind you, I've been driving him mad since I was a boy to drive it. I can't wait to try it at the Grand Prix.

"And I know that, although it's all in good fun, dad will never forgive me if I don't beat Jamie Brock."

The Brock-Johnson "feuds" begin with a practice session on Thursday, February 28, the first relay will be later that afternoon, and then another each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 1-3.

With family honour at stake, they're sure to be some of the most eventful laps the Brocks and Johnsons have raced -- and doubly enjoyable for everyone.