Team PSP optimistic for Oulton

Since the trying times at Donington, the team has been burning the midnight oil to repair the damage to David Leslie's car . As a result, the cars will be rebuilt to the specification in which they raced at Donington. Meanwhile, the team is well ahead with preparations to run their prototype 2004 contender immediately after the end of the 2003 season.

David Leslie: "I'm going all out to finish this season on a high note. I got Team PSP's first podium at Oulton last year - another this year would do nicely."

Phil Bennett: " I'm going to put the events at Donington behind me and push for strong finishes in both races."

Mike Carroll (race director): " The lads have had their work cut out to prepare both cars and once again have done a great job. We'll be looking to Phil to exercise a little more care around his team mate next weekend."

David Wong (team principal): " This has been a highly-competitive season and good results have been hard work. The team deserves a good outing at Oulton."