BTCC: Silverstone Vauxhall race report

Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship 2000 Rounds 23/24 - Silverstone, September 16 Qualifying/Races - Saturday, September 16 PODIUM PLACE FOR VAUXHALL'S PLATO IN 100TH BTCC RACE Qualifying Facts: · Both sessions dry. · Vectra of...

Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship 2000
Rounds 23/24 - Silverstone, September 16
Qualifying/Races - Saturday, September 16


Qualifying Facts:
· Both sessions dry.
· Vectra of Muller carrying 40kg success ballast after two third places at Oulton Park.
· Feature qualifying session interrupted twice by Yellow Flags at Abbey and Maggotts. Night Race Facts:
· Both races dry.
· SPRINT RACE: First lap incident at Becketts results in Menu (Ford) spinning off. Plato sustains broken left side steering, returns to pits and retires.
· Yellow flags on laps 6 (Priory) and 9 (Brooklands).
· Incident on lap 8 between Tarquini and Reid, Tarquini goes off at Brooklands.
· Lap 14, Vectra of Muller sustains a puncture in front left tyre whilst in 4th place.
· Radermecker goes on to pass Neal and Leslie in final two laps to finish 4th.
· FEATURE RACE: Ford of Rickard Rydell leaks water on to grid and does not start.
· Vectra of Muller makes contact with Neal and Reid in early laps.
· Pitstops: Plato, end lap 6 (Fastest pitstop), Muller end lap 7 (changes 4 tyres), Radermecker, end lap13.
· Yellow flag on lap 18 (Copse) until start of lap 21.
· Plato takes Thompson on lap 26 for 3rd place.
· Lap 28, Radermecker makes contact with Reid at Becketts, Reid spins off.
· Plato passes Menu on final lap to finish 2nd in his 100th BTCC race.

Yvan Muller , Car 6, Vauxhall Vectra
Race: Sprint Race (15 laps) - 8th, Feature Race (30 laps) - 5th
Qualifying: Sprint (One-Shot) - 10th, 1m24.355, Feature (30 min.) - 9th, 1m23.990

"As expected the extra ballast affected my qualifying times considerably. After the first session I was able to analyse the data and as a result decided to make a few changes to the set up of the car. But, although I was faster in the corners in the One-Shot session, it meant I was slower in the straights! I had quite a fight with Matt Neal in the Sprint Race as we kept trading places. I was up in fourth by lap 14 before I got a puncture in the front left tyre which I think was caused by debris on the track. It happens. I really thought I had a chance in the Feature Race for a podium though. I was quick in the first few laps despite the 40kg but I came into contact with both Reid and Neal which resulted in having to change all four tyres in the pitstop. After that, I never really had a chance. With four cold tyres, the car just wasn't quick enough."

Jason Plato , Car 5, Vauxhall Vectra
Race: Sprint Race (15 laps) - DNF, Feature Race (30 laps) - 2nd
Qualifying: Sprint (One-Shot) - 7th, 1m23.911, Feature (30 min.) - 10th, 1m24.070

"I found I was lacking in power for qualifying which meant I tried to make up for it in the corners and really attack. Unfortunately, that's when things can go wrong and I lost the back end in the One-Shot briefly. We definitely have the best race car, we just need a little more power. The Sprint Race was really unfortunate, I got boxed in behind Menu and just had nowhere to go. I made up for it though in the Feature Race; I had a great race and wish it could have gone on for another hour! And to finish on the podium in my 100th race was even better. It was a fantastic day and I am glad the championship went down to the last race, it shows what a great series the BTCC is."

Vincent Radermecker , Car 8, Vauxhall Vectra
Race: Sprint Race (15 laps) - 4th, Feature Race (30 laps) - 4th
Qualifying: Sprint (One-Shot) - 9th, 1m24.132, Feature (30 min.) - 8th, 1m23.970

"Qualifying was OK although I was a little too cautious in the One-Shot session with cold tyres which is a shame because I was fast in the corners. I had two very good races though. I was down for the first few laps of the Sprint Race but they were really fighting up in front which meant I could catch up and try to fight for a place myself. Matt Neal never makes it easy to pass but I did it eventually and went on to take fourth. I really enjoyed that race. I didn't get a clear run in the Feature Race until after my pitstop although the Vectra was feeling very strong. After that, I managed to catch Tarquini and Reid quite easily but had to work hard to pass Gabriele (Tarquini). Anthony (Reid) also kept closing the door and when he braked harder than I thought he would going into Becketts, he really caught me by surprise. It's a shame he went off after we made contact, I didn't want that to happen to him. Overall though I am pleased to finish the season with two good fourth place finishes."

<pre> 2000 Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship Rounds 23/24 - Silverstone, September 16

Sprint race (15 laps)

1 Tom Kristensen (DK) Honda Accord 21:26.760 2 Rickard Rydell (S) Ford Mondeo 21:28.431 3 James Thompson Honda Accord 21:28.855 4 Vincent Radermecker (B) Vauxhall Vectra 21:38.885 5 Matt Neal Nissan Primera 21:39.521 6 David Leslie Nissan Primera 21:40.199

Feature race (30 laps)

1 Tom Kristensen (DK) Honda Accord 43:29.942 2 Jason Plato Vauxhall Vectra 43:34.894 3 Alain Menu (CH) Ford Mondeo 43:36.362 4 Vincent Radermecker (B) Vauxhall Vectra 43.45.961 5 Yvan Muller (F) Vauxhall Vectra 43:53.590 6 Gabriele Tarquini (I) Honda Accord 43:58.779

BTCC Drivers - final:

1 Alain Menu (CH)  Ford   195 points
2 Anthony Reid   Ford   193
3 Rickard Rydell (S)  Ford   178
4 Yvan Muller (F)  Vauxhall  168
5 Jason Plato   Vauxhall  160
6 Gabriele Tarquini (I)  Honda   149 


1 Ford 515 points 2 Honda 411 3 Vauxhall 399

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