Life In The Fast Lane

BFGoodrich Tires® competition winner takes to the track for the ultimate Sunday afternoon drive...

Ambulance driver, Shane Snell (25) from Grimsby had the fastest Sunday of his life on 7th October. Nothing to do with responding to an emergency call but as the winner of a BFGoodrich Tires® competition...

At 12.45pm on Sunday afternoon, he was taken to the Vauxhall Motorsport garage and strapped into the unique 270bhp 2-seater Vauxhall Astra Coupe, shod with four super-sticky BFGoodrich racing tyres, beside race ace Jason Plato for high-speed laps of Brands Hatch's Indy circuit. As predicted, Jason took no prisoners and drove the car as hard and as superbly as he would his normal race car - little wonder then, that a few hours later after the final race of the day, he was declared the 2001 MSA British Touring Car Champion.

Was Shane nervous before the ride? "Not nervous, exactly," says Shane. "But you really don't have a clue what to expect! I now know that the reality of being driven flat out inside a thoroughbred racing car is far removed from anything I could have imagined.

"I was absolutely blown away at how much the tyres grip - the G-forces you experience through the corners is mind-blowing. How the drivers manage 50 or more laps like that is beyond me - I was exhausted after just a few!"

And when he got out of the car after his experience, Shane summed the whole thing up in one sentence - "I want one for Christmas!" he announced.

Shane and his wife, Sally, were guests of BFGoodrich Tires® for the whole weekend and despite the appalling weather, had a brilliant time. "My son, Peter, was seriously jealous," said Shane. He's really into cars and motorsport and couldn't believe that I had won. But Jason signed some programmes for me so I think he's just about talking to me again!"