Rounds Venue Date 19/20 of 26 Knockhill August 14/15


BRENTWOOD, August 5, 1999: "I always enjoy the annual visit to Knockhill as I have fond memories of the area having gone to school just five miles down the road.

"Knockhill is a unique circuit with peaks, troughs and blind bends which make it a very exciting race. It's the nearest thing to an army assault course in the Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship calendar!

"To set fast lap times, it is vital to have a car that is adept at taking tricky kerbs in its stride and the Mondeo has excellent chassis balance enabling it to cope well with this.

"The first corner, Duffus Dip, is very interesting as you brake hard for it having only just come over a rise at 125mph. Controlled braking is critical here as the wheels can easily lock up. As if all that wasn't enough, you can't see the exit as you turn in to the corner.

"Exiting Duffus Dip, track position and balance is critical to ensure you can take the next corner flat out. On exit from this left hander, it's quick on the brakes and down to second for the next corner. The best way to take this one is to cut across the kerb on the inside and run over the kerb on exit to avoid losing momentum. Then it's downhill all the way and up to fourth gear before dropping down another dip and into a chicane. The car is constantly twitching in this part of the circuit.

"At Butcher's there is a lot of elevation as you come up and over a blind crest. You really need to be good at guessing where the track is over the other side as you get airborne at this point. Then it's through the gears all the way up to fifth on the short approach to Clark. This is an uphill entry to the corner with a blind exit which I take in third. You need to take a lot of kerb to get a quick line out of this corner.

"The Railway straight, the quickest part of the circuit, starts off fairly flat and climbs gently before braking short and late for the hairpin at Taylor's in second. The hairpin has an uphill approach and exit so you are scrabbling for traction all the time. Then it's up the Stewart Straight and back past the pits again."