RYDELL AND BIELA FASTEST AT DONINGTON Volvo's Swedish ace Rickard Rydell and Audi newcomer Frank Biela will share the front row of the grid for both of tomorrow's (Mon) opening rounds of the Auto Trader RAC Touring Car Championship at Donington Park. Rydell posted fastest lap time in today's first qualifying, a shade ahead of German star Biela, with the dominant duo swapping positions in the second session. It was a superb performance from both men, but particularly so from Biela, whose four-wheel-drive Audi A4 was making its UK debut. 'This was my first pole in Britain and I am very happy, but it's going to be even tougher tomorrow in the races. I hope that they are nice and fair. If so it should be very good for the spectators,' said Biela, reigning FIA Touring Car World Cup Champion. With 10 cars inside reigning BTCC champion John Cleland's qualifying record for the Derby circuit in the first session, and those 10 separated by less than a second, the omens for a furiously close battle for the 1996 championship could not be more apparent. A record crowd is expected at the track for the start of the season. Cleland, at the wheel of the all-new Vauxhall Vectra, posted eighth- best time in the first session but could manage no higher than 10th in session two. There were problems for the Williams Renault, Honda and Peugeot teams, with the Laguna of Alain Menu, the Accords of David Leslie and James Kaye, plus the 406s of Patrick Watts and Tim Harvey all having their times disallowed from the second session for technical infringements. Qualifying times: Round 1 1 Rickard Rydell (Swe), Volvo 850, 1m 36.795s; 2 Frank Biela (Ger), Audi A4, 1m 36.970s; 3 Kelvin Burt (GB), Volvo 850, 1m 37.093s; 4 David Leslie (GB), Honda Accord, 1m 37.097s; 5 Jo Winkelhock (Ger), BMW 320i, 1m 37.315s; 6 Will Hoy (GB), Renault Laguna, 1m 37.341s; 7 Alain Menu (Switz), Renault Laguna, 1m 37.385s; 8 John Cleland (GB), Vauxhall Vectra, 1m 37.438s; 9 James Thompson (GB), Vauxhall Vectra, 1m 37.697s; 10 John Bintcliffe (GB), Audi A4, 1m 37.721s. Qualifying times: Round 2 1 Biela, 1m 36.927s; 2 Rydell, 1m 37.350s; 3 Hoy, 1m 37.543s; 4 Winkelhock, 1m 37.561s; 5 Bintcliffe, 1m 37.637s; 6 Burt, 1m 37.739s; 7 Roberto Ravaglia (It), BMW 320i, 1m 37.740s; 8 Thompson, 1m 37.749s; 9 Paul Radisich (NZ), Ford Mondeo, 1m 38.039s; 10 Cleland, 1m 38.173s. -- Official BTCC website: Best in British Motor Sport http://www.demon.co.uk/racing