News from the Auto Trader RAC Touring Car Championship Thruxton 6/5/96

Kelvin Burt was this evening (Monday) excluded from his sixth-place finish in round five of the championship as a penalty for an incident in the race in which David Leslie's Honda was nudged into a spin.

Amended round five results:

1 Frank Biela (Ger), Audi A4, 25m 20.70s, 105.97mph / 170.54kmh; 2 John Bintcliffe (GB), Audi A4, +2.97s; 3 Rickard Rydell (Swe), Volvo 850, +5.69s; 4 John Cleland (GB), Vauxhall Vectra, +6.21s; 5 Will Hoy (GB), Renault Laguna, +8.19s; 6 Roberto Ravaglia (It), BMW 320i, +11.70s; 7 James Thompson (GB), Vauxhall Vectra, +14.49s; 8 David Leslie (GB), Honda Accord, +25.48s; 9 Owen McAuley (GB), Nissan Primera, +49.24s; 10 Lee Brookes (GB), Toyota Carina E, +51.34s.

Amended drivers' points positions: 1 Frank Biela 80 points 2 Jo Winkelhock 45 3 Rickard Rydell 42 4 Alain Menu 35 4 John Bintcliffe 35 4 Roberto Ravaglia 35 7 John Cleland 31 8 Will Hoy 30 9 Kelvin Burt 14 9 James Thompson 14

-- Official BTCC website: Best in British Motor Sport