Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship 2000
Rounds 19/20 - Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit), August 27/28
Qualifying - Sunday, August 27


Both sessions dry.
Vectras of Muller and Plato consistently in top 5 throughout Feature Race qualifying session.

Quotes: Yvan Muller, Car 6, Vauxhall Vectra Sprint (one-shot) - 5th 47:098, Feature (30 minute session) - 4th 46:913

"I am happy with this morning's Feature Race qualifying session. Our objective was to be on the front two rows which is what I've done so I'm optimistic about tomorrow's race. Unfortunately though, I had too much grip for the One Shot session but overall I think we should be competitive."

Jason Plato, Car 5, Vauxhall Vectra Sprint (one-shot) - 6th 47:137, Feature (30 minute session) - 5th 46:916

"I found it difficult to attack in the Feature qualifying session because I didn't have enough grip. But, fifth is still OK for a chance to attack in the race tomorrow. The car was a bit nervous in the One-Shot session and I lost the back at Graham Hill Bend which I reckon cost me 2/10ths of a second. But I think tomorrow will be different as we always have a good race set-up."

Vincent Radermecker, Car 8, Vauxhall Vectra Sprint (one-shot) - 10th 47:439, Feature (30 minute session) - 9th 47:068

"I was affected by traffic coming out of Clearways in the Feature Race session which meant I couldn't take my usual racing line. The Class B cars are fighting for Championship positions so they are not going to let us by easily. But generally it was OK. Unfortunately in the One-Shot session I had quite a big moment at Surtees when I lost the back end of the car. But tomorrow is another day and I am looking forward to it."