Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship 2000
Rounds 19/20 - Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit), August 27/28
Races -- Monday, August 28


<pre> Facts: Sprint Race - 25 laps. Weather: Cloudy and dry. Feature race - 50 laps. Weather: Wet and drying. Plato gains three places on opening lap. Plato takes Thompson on lap 2 at Druids and leads the race until lap 12 when Menu overtakes. Pit stops: Muller - lap 15; Plato - lap 35; Radermecker - lap 35. All fitted wets.

</pre> Quotes:

Yvan Muller, Car 6, Vauxhall Vectra
Sprint Race -- 5th , Feature Race -- 6th

"I got a really good start in the Sprint Race and held fourth place comfortably. Then I made an error at Druids, just like a novice driver. I just left too much room and Menu moved through ahead of me. I made a good start but Jason made a better one. I moved up to third place until my pit stop but it was very difficult because my windscreen was misted up. I could see clearly for two laps after the stop then it began misting again - it really was a handicap."

Jason Plato, Car 5, Vauxhall Vectra
Sprint Race -- 7th, Feature Race -- 3rd

"I got caught out by the oil at Clearways in the Sprint Race, the car just wouldn't turn in. I couldn't do anything about Thompson slipping through underneath me. I was really happy with my main race start and with the first three laps, but it was a bit of a struggle on tyres that were not really hot. Menu got past at Paddock when I put a wheel on the white line and that caused me to slide wide. I made a late pit stop and went back out on scrubbed wets which was the right choice."

Vincent Radermecker, Car 8, Vauxhall Vectra
Sprint Race -- 10th, Feature Race - 7th

"I didn't enjoy the Sprint race at all, I just couldn't get the performance that I wanted out of the Vectra. The Feature Race was much better though. I got a good start and managed to gain two places on the first lap as a result. Unfortunately I then ran wide at Paddock Hill Bend which cost me a place. I had a good pit stop, but after that I was out on my own for most of the race so I just pushed as hard as I could."

<pre> Auto Trader British Touring Car Championship 2000 Rounds 19/20 - Brands Hatch (Indy Circuit), August 27/28 Races -- Monday, August 28

Sprint Race - (25 laps) 1 Matt Neal Nissan Primera 20:13.853 2. Tom Kristensen (DK) Honda Accord 20:14.448 3. Rickard Rydell (S) Ford Mondeo 20:14.870 4. Alain Menu (CH) Ford Mondeo 20:17.442 5. Yvan Muller (F) Vauxhall Vectra 20:18.231 6. James Thompson Honda Accord 20:18.496=09

Feature Race - (50 laps) 1. Alain Menu (CH) Ford Mondeo 44:13.353 2. Rickard Rydell (S) Ford Mondeo 44:16.721 3. Jason Plato Vauxhall Vectra 44:16.819 4. Anthony Reid Ford Mondeo 44:30.394 5. James Thompson Honda Accord 44:31.466 6. Yvan Muller (F) Vauxhall Vectra 44:31.826=09

Driver Championship Standings (after 20 rounds) 1. Alain Menu Ford 173 points 2. Anthony Reid Ford 167 3. Rickard Rydell Ford 162 4. Yvan Muller Vauxhall 142 5. Jason Plato Vauxhall 138 6. Gabriele Tarquini Honda 115