Race 1 was red flagged on the first lap when NIGEL SMITH got himself stuck on the apex at Druids hairpin. After we pushed him off, the other cars were already on the dummy grid for the restart. After a long wait it was declared a wet race so another delay was called for so the cars could shed their slicks. JOHN CLELAND was trying too hard along the top straight and ended up going ~100 ft. through the gravel at the top of paddock.


Pos  Driver                Nat  Car                        Time
 1.  Tim Harvey            GB   Volvo 850 T-5         75.98 mph
 2.  Paul Radisich         NZ   Ford Mondeo Ghia          +5.94
 3.  Kelvin Burt           GB   Ford Mondeo Ghia          +9.10
 4.  David Brabham         AUS  BMW 318iS                +19.62
 5.  Charlie Cox           GB   Ford Mondeo Ghia         -1 lap
 6.  Julian Bailey         GB   Toyota Carina E          -1 lap
 7.  Alain Menu            GB   Renault Laguna           -1 lap
 8.  Patrick Watts         GB   Peugeot 405              -1 lap
 9.  Will Hoy              GB   Renault Laguna           -1 lap
10.  Giampiero Simoni      I    Alfa Romeo 155 TS        -1 lap
11.  Johnny Cecotto        V    BMW 318iS                -1 lap
12.  Derek Warwick         GB   Alfa Romeo 155 TS        -1 lap
13.  Rickard Rydell        GB   Volvo 850 T-5            -1 lap
14.  Tim Sugden            GB   Toyota Carina E          -1 lap
15.  Simon Harrison        GB   Peugeot 405              -1 lap
16.  Matt Neal             GB   Ford Mondeo Ghia        -2 laps
17.  David Leslie          GB   Honda Accord            -3 laps
18.  Nigel Smith           GB   Vauxhall Cavalier 16    -3 laps
19.  James Kaye            GB   Honda Accord            -3 laps
20.  Richard Kaye          GB   Ford Mondeo Ghia        -6 laps
DNF  James Thompson        GB   Vauxhall Cavalier 16    on lap 11
DNF  Hamish Irvine         GB   Peugeot 405             on lap 4
DNF  John Cleland          GB   Vauxhall Cavalier 16    on lap 1