"Champions of the world! Champions of the world!". Said Thomas Biagi from the podium was screaming this, after the third place conquered in Zolder, in the last race that let him winning for the second time the title of "Champion of the world FIA GT".

Few italians won the same title with two prestigious cars like Ferrari (in 2003) and Maserati. "I think it's an historical result, in a very competitive championship where the winner was defined only during the last race".

"I won! We won, together with all my friends, my sponsors, my supporters who sent me messages of appreciation until the end and gave me a lot of strenght. I would say a big "thank you" to everybody, but expecially to my team for this title, that I want to dedicate to someone who's special for me: to Michael Bartels, my team mate. It's a shame that he haven't got the same points I have, for an accident, and he cannot share with me this trophy. I want to dedicate a moment to the memory of Gilles Villeneuve, that in this circuit lost his life; every time I was passing in that tragic point, I felt an emotion difficult to describe. I cannot forget also Alfredo Melandri, one of the best friends of mine, that died in 1998, during a test of F3 in the Mugello circuit."

"The race in Zolder was very hard: I've completed the circuit with an unfastened belt, but I think I demonstrated from the start when I've gained two position that was a good day, that I would fight until the end to win the title. So, I've just controlled the race, forcing only at the end, when I saw Hezeman and I wanted to block him. If I think at the adrenalin it was the hardest race of my life, but it's worth it. Now I'm satisfied but I keep on working with the same dedition and more efforts".

-credit: thomasbiagi.com