- Maserati MC12 nr 11, Andrea Bertolini (Ita) - Andrea Piccini (Ita)

- Maserati MC12 nr 12, Giambattista Giannoccaro (Ita) -- Alessandro Pier Guidi (Ita)

Scuderia Playteam SaraFree headed for the tenth and deciding round of the 2007 GT Championship at the Belgian circuit of Zolder in a determined mood. Unfortunately for Scuderia Playteam SaraFree the last round finished in a similar manner to the first meeting of the season in Zhuhai.

Despite a front line start, Giannoccaro\Pier Guidi, retired after a contact with an Aston that damaged their suspension that finally broke on lap 12. Bertolini\Piccini finished in fifth after starting from eighth on the grid thus prevented from vying for the title.

Overall, Scuderia Playteam Sarafree finished 2nd in the 2007 FIA GT1 Teams Championship with 63 points having scored points in nine out of ten races this season after Zuhai, (- 5, 10, 1, 13, 11, 8, 9, 5, 1). Andrea Bertolini and Andrea Piccini finished fifth in the overall 2007 drivers classification with 51 points. Alessandro Pier Guidi finished ninth with 23 points and Giambattista Giannoccaro classified in 13th position with 12 points.,

Alessandro Pier Guidi commented, "I want to thank the team and Pirelli for their exceptional and dedicated work. I was the quickest car in this morning's 30-minute warm up session with a time of 1m27.668. In the race, the car had a perfect set-up allowing me to score the fastest lap. I could not avoid Davis as he closed the door when I passed him. I am really sorry that the race finished too early for us. It could have been a real nice race."

Andrea Bertolini added, "A difficult race. We had managed to fix yesterday's problem. The boys worked very hard. It was an incredible race and everyone produced their best in the difficult moments. I tried as hard as I could to overtake, but the brakes locked the rear wheels and I could not do anything else. I will take up the challenge next year. For now I want to thank the team and Pirelli who believed in me."

Piccini said, "We lost the championship ourselves. Today the car was strong. We decided for the Valencia changes, but these choices made the car instable. We worked on a very difficult balance scheme and there was nothing we could do to improve. But it was too late when we realised it. Nevertheless, it was a nice race. May be the nicest of the season. We tried to push as much as we could,; but, it just did not work as well as we wanted."

Giambattista Giannoccaro concluded, "I am disappointed with the weekend as Pier Guidi completed a fantastic race and was the fastest all weekend. Too bad we could not finish the race because it could have been "his" race and the opportunity for the team to take the lead of the Championship. Bertolini and Piccini did the best they could but no one is protected from errors. I am however pleased for the result overall. To finish second overall shows that it has been an excellent fist year and we gained plenty of invaluable experience for the future. We were on a steep learning curve this year and needed to learn with humility as the newcomers in the FIA GT Championship with a competitive car and strong drivers. I believe that our team was able to demonstrate how we have been able to grow step by step all along these 10 events. We will learn from our mistakes for a better future."

-credit: playteam.com