Weather: cold, dry and sunny

Maserati MC12 no 12, Giannoccaro/Pier Guidi
- Free practice 1: 1:29:619 (25 laps) - 9
- Free practice 2: 1:26:960 (43 laps) - 1
- Qualifying: 1.25.981 (8 laps) -- 2

Maserati MC12 no 11, 11 GT1 Bertolini/Piccini
- Free practice 1: 1:29:102 (37 laps) - 4
- Free practice 2: 1:27:509 (29 laps )- 5
- Qualifying 2nd 1.27.169 ( 9 laps) -- 8

In qualifying at Zolder for the tenth and last round of the 2007 season, Scuderia Playteam SaraFree secured 2nd and 8th place on the grid for respectively Alessandro Pier Guidi-Giambattista Giannoccaro (1.25.981) and Bertolini/Piccini (1.27.169).

"It was a very special atmosphere all week-end" explained Alessandro Pier Guidi (Maserati MC12 no.12) after the session. "The team left nothing to random chance during qualifying today, but we are confident of having a good race tomorrow and will push hard. I am really happy about the session. We did a good job all day starting with the first free practice session, and the Pirelli tires worked well. The only shadow over the session was the traffic on the track that slowed my fast lap. Nevertheless we will leave from front row, and this is a great feeling."

Andrea Bertolini (Maserati MC12 no 11) continues: "Things did not go as well as we wanted and we had a difficult time with the set-up of the car. We just could not make the difference. I can only be hoping that tomorrow will be a good day for the race".

Details of the day:

In the first free practice Bertolini/Piccini finished fourth in the first free practice 1 which lasted eighty minutes and clocked a fastest time of 1:29:102 (28 laps) while Giannoccaro/Pier Guidi clocked a best time of 1: 1:29:619 (25 laps) in ninth.

Andrea Bertolini (Maserati MC12 n.11): "The session started well, but it was difficult to see how we could progress. The tires were not reacting very well because the track was so cold at the start of the day. The team decided to continue the development in the afternoon and we just stuck to basics on the car, which is not bad."

Alessandro Pier Guidi (Maserati MC12): "I only drove a few five laps to learn the track as I had never driven here before. Because of the cold weather, we decided to postpone the work with the tires to the next session and concentrated on the car set-up."

Free practice 2: Alessandro Pier Guidi set the fastest lap with 1.26.960. The no. 12 Scuderia Playteam SaraFree Maserati of Alessandro Pier Guidi set the fastest lap of the weekend so far to top the times in the second Free Practice session at Zolder. Pier Guidi's time was 0.097 faster than the no. 4 PeKaRacing Corvette of Anthony Kumpen and 0.322 seconds quicker than the Jetalliance Racing Aston Martin DBR9 of Karl Wendlinger. Giannoccaro/Pier Guidi covered 43 laps and Bertolini/Piccini 29 laps during the practice session.

"The track was not as cold as in the morning allowing us to work on deciding the choice of tires for the race and to finalize our strategy, which is key to the title" explains Giambattista Giannoccaro (Maserati MC12). "Overall I am quite happy. I did not have too much of a hard time learning this track that I had not driven before. The car seemed fine-tuned for a perfect race. It is consistent and the tires behave normally."

Andrea  Bertolini and  Andrea Piccini  completed
29 laps and clocked a fifth fastest time in  1.27.509.

Andrea Piccini (Maserati MC12): " I did not drive a lot. But the car is fine. We have tested the tires, and it looks like we have the good choice for the race. The track feels just like I left it ten years ago when I last drove here. It is interesting and just dangerous enough to raise my interest. In fact, I like the first semi-fast first part of its lay out."