Weekend in two varying ways

PK Carsport completed the final weekend of the Belgian motorsport season in two varying ways. In the FIA GT Bert Longin and Anthony Kumpen, with their Corvette C5-R, finished in a very strong second place, whereas breakage of the Corvette Z06's front suspension put an end to any hope of clinching the title in the Belcar series. "All the same it was a fantastic weekend", is how Bert Longin starts off his recollections of the meeting. "The races were great; there were loads of spectators and we clinched an excellent second place in the final round of the FIA GT-championship. It's obviously a great pity that we lost out on the Belcar title as the result of a mechanical problem, especially for the team and all the partners, but let's not forget that motorsport remains a mechanical sport where you can't foresee everything. But this morning I don't have any hard feelings, and I look back on this last weekend and the entire season in a positive way."

It was Anthony Kumpen who took to the track on Saturday for the FIA GT qualifying sessions.

Anthony Kumpen: "It was a fabulous session, even though we could have done better than our fifth place. To be honest with the rubber we have only one fast lap is achievable and it was just during that lap that I was slowed down by another competitor. But OK, a fifth place is pretty good and it gave me that additional motivation to really pull out the stoppers on the Sunday."

And Kumpen was motivated... "At the start I charged up from fifth to third and managed to stay up front with the leaders. The winning Aston was truly outstanding, but as for the rest of the pack there weren't many teams we had to fear."

Bert Longin, who drove the middle stint, followed on the same line and battles his way to the podium.

Bert Longin: "I really gave more than my all and on a knife's edge went up through to the front. In today's FIA GT-championship the level is really high and the top teams are so evenly matched that you can't afford to lose an inch. All the same it remains a highly sporting affair and we don't come across situations which from time to time rear their heads elsewhere. You do need to go to the limit in order to score here, which is what we did today. Anthony finished off the race beautifully and a second place in front of a home crowd, in what we quite honestly could call the World Championship for GT cars, is undoubtedly a fantastic result."

PK Carsport rounds off the FIA GT season with six podium places, a pretty strong result which deserves a mention. "With our budget we're up against big boys with multiples of ours to hand, and so I'm really proud of what we have achieved, especially when you conclude that our car is not of the Aston or Maserati generation. But we manage to compensate that by having a highly strong and tight team, and they would go through hell to help one another", is how Anthony Kumpen finished off the international season..

No sooner had the chequered flag been waved for the finish of the FIA GT- race that Bert and Anthony were once again on the grid for their following assignment. The Corvette-boys were in third place on the grid for the Mediagroep Van Dyck Belcar, a perfect starting point in their hunt for the championship title.

"However it wasn't to be", Bert Longin tells us the following day. "A broken suspension component saw to that, and it was over and out for us. We've had a pretty difficult season in the Belgian championship and we're going to have to be contented with the bronze medal. The new car, the calendar and the highly busy season have claimed their toll, but notwithstanding all that I'm enormously satisfied. We're now going to concentrate on 2008, but not before I have had the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts during this great season now behind us. Many thanks and see you in 2008!"

-credit: pkc/jc-communications