Three weeks after the non participation of HD GIGAWAVE Reiter Engineering at Nogaro we have now reached the FIA GT championship's final round of the season being held at Zolder, Belgium. Following on from the disappointing round at Brno and withdrawal from the Nogaro round Hans Reiter and his team are fully determined to end their FIA GT campaign on a high. For Jos Menten and Peter Kox it was definitely a season full of peaks and troughs. This is why we have decided to recapitulate some of the results up until now.

The Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT clocked up its first major victory in Zhuhai, driven by make regulars Bouchut and Mucke. For Menten-Kox a good result was on the books, but contact with another car stopped the Dutch duo from achieving a good score. It was hoped that Silverstone would bring better luck but an emergency stop kept the Lambo-duo from getting any further. Neither did Bucharest bring any solace for the team. In this round Peter Kox was pushed off the track by the make partner Stefan Mucke. Improvement was on hand in Monza with a second place in qualifying, but a team mistake with the incorrect fitting of the rear wing resulted in disqualification. The catch up race in Italy faired no better due to a problem with the clutch, resulting in a tenth place.

However for Jos Menten and Peter Kox Monza is where there is an upward turn, even though podium places are still not on the books. The Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT finished fifth in Oschersleben, giving the Dutchmen four points. During the 24 Hours of Spa the raging bull from Sant'Agata is hampered by the devil. The Lambo's Achilles heel appears to be the drive shaft. But an analysis carried out after the race concludes that the supplier of the drive shafts and the differential had made some costly mistakes. Problems with the components also stop Menten and Kox from achieving podium places at Adria and Brno, but it is becoming apparent that excellent qualifying positions are not pure flukes. Both in Italy and in the Czech Republic better results could have been achieved, however the two Dutchmen do manage to collect four points. The counter presently stands at eight points in the championship rankings.

"But with 'if' and 'when' you don't win races. But it goes without saying that we deserve far better than those eight points we presently have on our account", Jos Menten remarked. "It was definitely a season full of peaks and troughs, with Nogaro being rock bottom. Problems with the components supplied caused us to withdraw from the penultimate round, just as things were improving for us. It was obviously a great pity that we had to watch from the sideline. But Hans handled matters in function of our safety, and I have full respect for his decision. We will be back in Zolder, more motivated than ever. The team has spent these last three weeks preparing the car thoroughly for the event at Zolder, so that Peter and I can end this season on a real high."

Rendezvous in Zolder on 20th and 21st October for the final round of this season's FIA GT championship 2007!

-credit: jos