Darren Turner rounded off the Nissan GT-R's 2009 'test' races at Zolder in Belgium today, completing the two-hour race despite suffering from a rear left brake problem.

It was team-mate, Michael Krumm, who took the start from eighth place on the grid. He completed a long first stint before handing the GT-R over to Darren.

"My stint started really well," said Darren. "The car felt good and I was enjoying being out there on a fully dry track for the first time this weekend. Just a few laps into my run someone dropped a lot of oil on the circuit so I had to contend with a slippery track for the next four or five laps, and then the brake problem started."

The team called Darren in so that they could have a look at the brakes, taking the Nissan GT-R into the garage to enable them to have a good, clear look at the car. Once repairs were made Darren rejoined the race and ran all the way through to just a couple of laps before the end. He then had to pit to hand the car back to Krumm, completing the mandatory second driver change.

"We didn't get the result we wanted today but we have shown we are making positive progress with the GT-R," he said. "My fastest lap in the race was only two seconds off the fastest 'old-style' GT1 car. When you consider that the gap at the start of the year was 3.5 seconds you can see everything is moving in the right direction. There is still plenty more to come as the test programme carries on even though the season has now finished."

"It has been a real pleasure to drive the Nissan GT-R this year," he continued. "To be involved in a project from the start and see a car come on in leaps and bounds like this makes me feel very proud."

-credit: dt