Saturday, October 2, 1999

Pro Spec Racer Race Quotes

Jack Willes, #49 Willes Racing - First I got to say a great thank you to my team who have all worked hard this season. Jim and I have raced together in the south and we are used to drafting with each other. It's good to get number three under my belt, now we just have to go to Seabring and have a good smooth top three finish.

Warren Stilwell, #28 Stilwell Racing - I kind of held back a little bit in the beginning of the race, just to see how things would shake out. Unfortunately, someone got into a little bit of trouble so we had to fall back a little more. Then I caught up to Jack and but I just didn't have enough for him.

Jim Goughary, #29 Speedcom Comm/Finish Line Auto - I made a mistake going into the center of the inner-loop and these guys were able to get together and draft by me. I slid side ways trying to regain control of the car when I made contact with the guardrail. I hit it pretty hard, but I didn't think I messed anything up. After I got going again, the steering wheel pulled a little to the right, so maybe I might have messed up the steering.