A Broken Driveshaft and An Immediately Spoilt Race For Gabriele Lancieri

Gabriele Lancieri's Saleen is a fast car but still very unreliable. This,in summary explains what happened to Gabriele in Valencia for the second round of the FIA GT Championship.

After a good performance during the free practice session and the qualifications (where the team made up of Lancieri, Ruberti and Villarroel were in 7th place), Sunday's race only lasted one lap.

Right during the first lap, Graham Nash's Saleen S7R's driveshaft broke. Thus, Paolo Rubert; who was driving at that moment, was forced to go back to the pit box. The mechanics replaced the driveshaft but the team was around 20 laps behind.

The car restarted but Gabriele Lancieri's race was by then virtually over.

Gabriele Lancieri

"I am obviously very bitter. Both the car and I proved to be fast and competitive but the reliability is still missing. When Ruberti handed the car over to me after the first hour, he was already 20 laps behind the others due to the broken driveshaft that had to be replaced by the mechanics at the pit box. I had nothing else to lose so I did my best and was able to run my laps at the same time as the first few in the classification.

This is the only thing that consoles me or rather, I managed to get a good feeling with the car and this allowed me to go fast. Unfortunately for a race that lasts 3 hours, reliability is fundamental.

We have a fast car and we now have to work on its reliability. I hope I could count on both these things in Hockenheim which is the next race that I am going to be participating in."

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