A successful "Thomas for friends" event

EUR 11.000 was raised for chiarity at the event with the appearance of Zelig comedian "Giacobazzi"

"Thomas for Friends": this way he has wanted his party to call him, the great event to celebrate the Title FIA GT. And indeed Saturday evening, first December, the friendship and the solidarity have triumphed.

The choice of the settings was no accident: Europa 92 restaurant, in Modena, where "Big" Luciano Pavarotti enjoyed hosting his "Pavarotti and Friends" evenings.

One hundred guests were invited and all had, directly or indirectly, influenced Biagi's career. For once, the host honoured the guests as those who came received a trophy dedicated to his win from the italian driver. Among the others, the ingegner Luigi Mazzola Ferrari F.1 test team responsible, Maurizio Leschiutta (Reparto Maserati Corse responsible) and Carlo Chionna (of 9.2 firm dresses).

An auction in memory of Alberto Moioli was held during the prize-giving ceremony, one presented by Lucio Rizzica (Sky Sport italian journalist). Moioli was the founder of 'Practice' and a regular in the paddock area. The proceedings from the auction will go to the "Don Gnocchi" volunteers who provide care in the homes of those suffering from terminal cancer. To help the cause, Thomas donated his two original racing overalls from this winning season.

The guests were entertained by live music, the presence of the number 1 Maserati MC12 in which Biagi won the Drivers' title and Andrea Sasdelli, (alias Giuseppe Giacobazzi, the Zelig comedian from an italian television programm), who is a new Thomas's friend and fan. The TV star put on a hilarious performance as he mimicked Biagi. Sasdelli contributed to the auction by donating his appearance fee.

"I am really pleased - stated Thomas Biagi - It is like winning a second, sorry. a third title. I am even more agitated than I was at Zolder; it is not easy seeing so many friends in the same place on the same day. This really is a great gift; solidarity is the winner tonight. I never imagined I would achieve what I have done. We managed to do it and have fun at the same time. I would especially like to thank Maurizio Bombarda, Carlo Chionna and Andrea Sasdelli for their support (even if they would have preferred to be anonymous). Thanks guys!".

-credit: thomasbiagi.com