German Stefan Mucke gets points for the fourth time at the GT1 World Championship finale at Argentina on position five - "A placative season ending"

Berlin/San Luis (rol/ot) Something to count at the finale: German sports car pilot Stefan Mucke got points for the fourth time at the ending of the FIA GT1 World Championship on Sunday evening (5th of December) at San Luis (Argentina). The Aston Martin works driver from Berlin that is sharing the cockpit of the DBR9 for the Team Young Driver AMR (Paderborn/Copenhagen) this time with Jose Maria Lopez (Argentina), has been on position five at the one hour Championship Race. Hours earlier the 29 year old started from pole position at the one hour Qualifying Race, but right after the first turn he had a collision and discarded.

"That has been a placative season ending form e after the catch up race from the end of the field. Unfortunately the first race at San Luis has been over too soon for me. Places on the podium would have been possible without this incident", tells the Berlin, that has already been on position five two times and on third position once. Together with his team colleague Lopez, that is two years younger than Mucke, he managed the time training and took profit out of the track knowledge of the Argentinean and started from pole position at the Qualifying Race.

"The Qualifying has been very good, although I wasn't driving that much at the free training. But at the Qualifying Race the car next to me made a jumped start, has been in front of me at the first turn and than suddenly made a full braking. There was no chance for me", told Stefan Mucke. On his DBR9 the hood and the oil cooling system has been damaged at this accident. He had to stable the race car and Lopez had to start into the Championship Race from position 20. He made up ten positions before he assigned the Aston Martin to Stefan Mucke. Both drivers showed the fastest lap times and the Berlin also made up a few positions before securing position five at the last lap with an overtaking maneuvre. "We definitely pulled out the maximum of the situation at this race", told Stefan Mucke. "Altogether this season has been streaky with ups and downs. Now we are aiming on next year, which has to be better in any way."

The winners of the GT1-World-Season races 19 and 20 on Sunday at Argentina have been the French Frederic Makowiecki/Yann Clairay (Aston Martin DBR9). World champion is the German Michael Bartels with his Italian team colleague Andrea Bertolini (Maserati MC12).