The weekend at San Luis ended the 2010 sportive season for Matteo Bobbi. This was a peculiar year for the winner of 2003 GT1 title, which saw him involved in the world FIA GT1 Championship at the wheel of the MC12 Maserati belonging to team Triple H Hegersport in the initial part of the season, before moving to Marc VD Racing team driving a Ford GT in the final part of the championship.

Despite the Milanese driver constantly showing the usual performance level, the results were late to arrive due to several reasons, starting from the lack of competitiveness of the crew-mate up to the unlucky episodes of the most recent races.

For the first time in the last ten years, Bobbi ends therefore the season without a podium, a result that certainly does not satisfy him but that does not prevent him from thinking to the future either: "2010 has been a peculiar year" commented the Milanese Champion. "The participation in the new FIA GT1 championship was a very interesting sportive programme and I gave my best to both teams to obtain high level results. For several reasons this was not possible and after a lot of years at the top it is a bit wierd to end the season without a single podium; anyway, I know that this did not depend directly on me and I am already working to get my revenge in 2011".

-source: matteo bobbi