Second for the last qualifying race of the season

On the amazing racetrack of San Luis, located in the middle of the mountains and around a lake in Argentina, the Matech Ford GT15 and 6 took P-10 and P-9 during the qualifying sessions on Saturday.

Because car no.25 moved to the back of 5 positions, Nicolas Armindo, driver of car no.6 took the start of the qualifying race from P-8, nothing changed for car no.5.

The start of the race was very hot and a few cars made spins, which led to car no.6 was 2nd and car no.5 was 4th after the first lap. Then, Thomas overtook and became 3rd. After 7 minutes of racing, a safety car stopped the progression for 13 minutes in order to pick up a damaged Lamborghini.

When the race started again, Nicolas Armindo suffered an electrical problem and he had to restart the electrical system. Because of this problem, he was now in 18th instead of 2nd. After the driver change, Neel Jani pushed a lot and finished the race in P-17.

For car no.5, the pit stop wasn't perfect because Thomas stopped the car few centimetres too late and the mechanics lost a few seconds. Richard Westbrook left the pit lane in P-4 and overtook Peter Dumbreck (Nissan Sumo Power) and then Clivio Piccione (Aston Martin Hexis) during his stint.

Matech Ford GT1 no.5 finished the last Qualifying race of the 2010 season in P-2. Marc VDS Racing Team, with a Ford GT, also had a great race as they finished in 3rd.

Championship race

Second for last race of the season, Thomas Mutsch Vice Champion

Matech Ford GT1 no.6 had an incredible start, as Neel Jani was P-8 after 7 minutes, starting from P-17 ! Richard Westbrook lost one position, but then retook it to remain in second place. The race was very quiet compared to the qualifying race and like the morning race, the drivers had some problems braking at the pit stop because of dusty ground. But the mechanics managed to make a good pit stop and the drivers didn't lose a position.

After their stint, Thomas Mutsch and Nicolas Armindo were 2nd and 8th.

Thomas Mutsch, second in this race with his team mate Richard Westbrook, becomes Vice Champion of FIA GT1 World Championship.

Ford GT1 Matech no.5

Thomas Mutsch : "Everybody did a great job this weekend. To finish here in 2nd position is a great result as 3 weeks ago we were not 100% sure we would be here. Also I'm very happy to be vice champion, and I'm very proud of everybody who gave me the chance to get this position. I'd like to thank Richard for his support in the second half of the season, and the whole team for their hard work. I think Matech showed today how strong the team still is, and therefore the whole team definitely deserves the result."