Joel had a positive weekend but it ended with a non race finish .

Swiss GT driver, Joel Camathias (27), alongside his Argentine team-mate Jose Manuel Balbiani (30), driving the BMS Scuderia Italia # 78 Ferrari F430 GT, did not finish the last race of the FIA GT Championship in Argentina. When they were in 4th position with few laps to go the had an accident which put to the end their brilliant race.

"First of all: Amazing what the SRO [Stefan Ratel Organization] did to organize such a beautiful event in San Luis, the track and the location were really good! That said it`s a pity for what happened during the race, but as we know this is racing... As always I like to thank my extraordinary team [BMS Scuderia Italia], you are great guys!, my team-mate [Jose Manuel Balbiani] and the Pirelli tyres".

We will see you soon.

-credit: jc