The Oschersleben track in Germany brought lots of luck to team- mates Matteo Bobbi- Thomas Biagi and BMS Scuderia Italia. After two intervals, Matteo Bobbi and Thomas Biaggi conquer their sixth win out of eight races. In the meantime, BMS Scuderia Italia has won the constructor's title (although there are still two races left) and are the world champions in this category.

It was payback time for Matteo Bobbi who competed in the second hour of the race. After a good start, Biagi handed the car over to Matteo in seventh place. The driver from Milan was able to recuperate a few positions and was second. Biagi managed to maintain this position till the end of the race. After Campbell- Walter's Lister's which was in 1st place, disqualification, Bobbi and Biagi were handed over the win. This win classifies them not far from the title.

Matteo Bobbi

"It was a really positive weekend. Both for the team and I. We only suffered during the qualifications due to the restrictor that the rules had forced us to put. Our objective was the race and we concentrated on this only. If fact , we can see the result. Thomas drove the car well during the first hour and handed the car over to me in seventh place. During my turn, I pushed the car to the maximum and thus managed to overtake some of my adversaries. I handed the car back to Thomas in second place and he maintained this position for the rest of the race. Campbell- Walter violently hit Alliot's Viper while he was trying to overtake him and caused a serious accident. Thank God nothing happened to the driver. It was Campbell ­ Walter's disqualification that permitted us to get our sixth win. With this triumph, we have moved up the classification and proved our competitiveness. We have very few points to get, to win the title. We need to really concentrate till the end to get it!"