The last round of the FIA GT Championship in Monza ended on a sour note for the world champion Matteo Bobbi. After a magnificent season Matteo finished this race in sixth place. A collision with the lapped Fomenko's Porsche 996 GT3, seriously damaged the front part of the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Matteo who had to make a pit stop and lost around 2 minutes; was forced to compete with a damaged car for the rest of the round.

Matteo Bobbi

"We didn't need this little problem! We came to Monza with the title in our pockets but we wanted to win this race in front of all our fans. When I was in the lead, a strong collision with a car that I had lapped broke the front part of the car into pieces.

"I made a pit stop: the boys of the team who repaired the car were great and allowed me to continue the race but we had wasted a lot of time and it was impossible to recuperate with a damaged car. This is only a tiny flaw on our picture perfect season. This was our first experience (for both my team mate Thomas and I) with this type of car and we imposed ourselves with authority right from the start. In fact we won 6 out of the 10 rounds of the championship.,

"We won the first five consecutively and set a record .It was in fact a great season. My success is the success of the people who have collaborated with me and whom I'd like to thank: engineers, mechanics, technicians and my sponsors; Fondmetal and SBS.

"Right now, I'm savouring this moment of victory but we have already started working on the next season. To stay on top you never have to stop working."