Matteo Bobbi will be at the last race of FIA GT Championship in Monza with the world championship title in his pocket. Matteo won the title on the Estoril track with one race left to go. Monza which is Matteo Bobbi's home track will be the stage setting to celebrate his victory with his fans.

Matteo Bobbi

"I'm from Milan and so competing in Monza as the world champion gives me immense satisfaction. This however doesn't mean that we will take this race lightly. The race promises to be exciting and we are still counting on being one of the main protagonists of this race as well. We will race freely without too many strategies unlike the race in Estoril. I'm curious to see the differences between our Ferrari 550's performance and that of the new Ferrari 575(it won the last race). Moreover during this race, the Lamborghini Murcielago will make its debut. The race will be demanding above all, on the brakes. We will have for this race the ballasts which we will feel with every brake. The race in Monza is a very important event for me. If I could win it in front of my sponsors and fans, it would be the ultimate."