Pole Position and victory for the Gillet Vertigo in Monza

Belgian Racing has won it's first race of the season by winning the G2 class in the FIA GT Championship.

Renaud Kuppens: "From the very first laps this weekend we were faster then the two Moslers, in the rain as well as on a dry track. I would like to thank Pirelli for the excellent service and wonderful tires this weekend."

The Gillet Vertigo .5 with Maserati engine started the race in 21st position just in front of a Saleen with two other Belgians, Greg Franchi and Vincent Vosse.

Bas Leinders: "Thanks to the new Maserati engine we were able to keep a lot of cars behind us in qualifying. After we made a reasonable gap with our most important opponents we slowed down the pace and were able to control the race.

Nice to know, a Belgian team won in GT1, GT2, G2 as well as in the GT4 class this weekend. Who dares to say that Belgium is a small country...

Next race in Adria on the 21st of June 2008

-credit: gilletvertigo.com