The last round of the FIA GT championship took place this weekend in Monza where the new team made up of Andrea Piccini, David Sterckx and Gabriele Lancieri finished in seventh place. Thanks to this result, Andrea Piccini has overcome his streak of bad luck which included two consecutive retirements due to technical inconveniences (a broken radiator in Oschersleben and front brake problems in Estoril).

With a sum of 39 points, Piccini conquers the seventh place in the driver's classifications and brings the Lister in second place in the constructor's title classification.

In this championship where the Ferrari 550 Maranello dominated, the Tuscan driver proved to be the second best alternative throughout the season. In fact he is in first place on the "non Ferrari" list.

Andrea Piccini
"It was the engine that made the difference this weekend. Although the Lister has good aerodynamics; it suffers with its speed because it has less horsepower than the adversaries have. For the first time this year, I shared the car with two other drivers; Sterckx and Lancieri (who competed in the second and third hour of the race).

"At the end of the season, I can personally say that I'm satisfied even though we may have deserved more. I proved to be fast and competitive regardless of some unfortunate mishaps and the all too many technical problems.

"I tried hard to win the title but the Ferrari 550 Maranello's supremacy was untouchable. We know that we have to improve the reliability and the speed of the car in order to fight for the championship .It won't be easy but that's the Lister's objective. I'm already working on being one of the protagonists next season.

"Special thanks go out to my sponsors and my fans that have supported me race after race. I hope to repay them for their affection with more victories in 2004."